Winchester House keepsake for Bracknell girl

Comer Group UK

A nine-year-old Bracknell girl has become the official custodian of the Winchester House site after developers learned how she was devastated to see the building demolished.

Charlotte Hollands was presented with part of the building as a keepsake from the 1960s office block by Brian Comer, chairman of developers Comer Homes, along with Cllr Marc Brunel-Walker and engineer Robert Sheppard.

The Bracknell building, which has been empty since 2003 and is considered an eyesore by many, is being demolished to make way for 311 flats along with a gym and restaurants.

Charlotte, who has autism, and her mum Penny were invited to the site of the former 3M building on Wednesday, May 13, where she was able to take a look at the demolition up close.

She was also given a piece of the building to keep, her own hard hat and an iPad to keep up-to-date on the progress of the demolition and construction of the new apartment complex.

She is one of the few people to have a memento piece of the iconic building.

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